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Sweet Children's Hope VZW

In June 2016, Annita Mwicigi, Marleen Durwael and Marnik Manshoven founded the association “Sweet Children’s Hope Foundation”, with one dream driving them: to build an orphanage in Kenia. Almost immediately, they had a stretch of ground made available to them in Naivasha, the native village of Annita. Together with her family, they’re proud to be able to contribute to this project, each in their own way. Coordinating the works is Annita, from Belgium, and her sister Sarah, from Naivasha, who lives close by. This enables her to meet on an almost daily basis and take important decisions very quickly. It goes without saying that these are vital elements in the success of their plans.

For the children we want to give a home, this is their only rescue. If you consider that this, or dying in the gutter, are their only options, it goes without saying that we have to go ALL out on our plans! Marc Timmermans, Marleen’s husband, quickly drew up a design of the buildings. As, by law, boys and girls need to be separated by ten metres for sleeping, two blocks are being built, each with a capacity of 20 children per dormitory. Once our plans have been realised, and should we have the necessary resources, there is still a possibility to expand.

In order to realise this project, we need approximately … EUR for the structure. Interior works demand a further…. EUR. These types of resources are of course hard to come by. Since 2016, several types of events are being organised to achieve our dream. Amongst them: dinner days (mussels, spaghetti), charity fishing competitions, brunch, selling home-made jam, waffles and Limoncello, participating in local markets,…

A lot of outstanding work has been done over the past two years. Going from laying the foundation stone in January 2017 until the end of 2018, everybody is amazed at how joining forces has led to a beautiful construction. On to the interior finishing…

Under “Our Project” you can follow our work in words and images.

Since the 10th of April, we officially became a non-profit organisation. This means that for each amount of support starting from 40 EUR, we can issue a quittance under article 145³³, § 1, second section, of the Belgian code on revenue taxing 1992.


We are building an orphanage in Kenya, in the city of Naivasha

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